We work with you and your family to identify and address the following elements of your comprehensive wealth management plan:

  • Analysis of Current Balance Sheet
  • Capital Preservation
  • Income Needs
  • Growth and Capital Appreciation
  • Estate and Tax Planning Considerations
  • Business Planning and Private Investments

Strategic Asset Allocation


  • Element Pointe believes that a portfolio should be diversified across asset classes as well as geographies. Diversification across global asset classes, often referred to as “asset allocation,” is the main driver of portfolio returns over the long-term.
  • While diversification is important, over-diversification and high fees can severely dampen a portfolio’s long term return potential.

Tactical Asset Allocation


  • At times, asset classes are known to have wide deviations from fair value.
  • When asset classes become over or under-valued, you can expect us to make adjustments to the portfolio.
  • Tactical shifts can help reduce risk, preserve capital and improve expected returns over a market cycle.