We work with you and your family to identify and address the following elements of your comprehensive wealth management plan:

  • Analysis of Current Balance Sheet
  • Capital Preservation
  • Income Needs
  • Growth and Capital Appreciation
  • Estate and Tax Planning Considerations
  • Business Planning and Private Investments

Strategic Asset Allocation


  • Element Pointe believes that a portfolio should be diversified across asset classes as well as geographies. Diversification across global asset classes, often referred to as “asset allocation,” is the main driver of the variability in a portfolio’s returns over the long-term.
  • While diversification is important, over-diversification and high fees can severely dampen a portfolio’s long term return potential.

Tactical Asset Allocation


  • At times, asset classes are known to have wide deviations from fair value.
  • When asset classes become over or under-valued, you can expect us to make adjustments to the portfolio.
  • Tactical shifts can help reduce risk, preserve capital and improve expected returns over a market cycle.